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Visiting Faculty

Visiting Faculty

Visiting Faculty

NID AP hosts numerous talented faculty, practicing professionals, and industry experts from across the country. A few of our most frequent visiting faculty members are,

Shri Debkumar Mitra
20+ yrs of Experience-Design Methods and Research, SLA, History of Technology

Mr. Pradeep Patil
14 yrs Experience-Communication Drawing

Mr. Troy Vasanth
12 yrs Experience-Sound Design

Shri Ranjan De
20+ yrs of Experience-Basic Graphic Design

Shri Prakash Moorthy
20+ yrs of Experience-Character Design, Storyboarding and Visual Scripting

Shri Gautam Chakraborthy
20+ yrs of Experience-Narrative Design

Mr. Abhijith KR
3 yrs experience-Typography

Shri Raghuram V
20+ yrs of Experience-Design Management

Mr. Abeer Gupta
15+ yrs of Experience-SLA

Mr. Kuntal De    
20+ yrs of experience-Simple Product Design, Techno Aesthetic Detailing

Ms. Swaty Srivastava
18 + yrs experience-Programming Basics

Mr. Kishen Patel  
7 + yrs experience-Representation Techniques

Ms. Snehal Joshi    
12+ yrs Experience-Form Studies

Ms. Sonali Upadhyaya    
9+yrs Experience-History of Communication

Mr. Raghuram 
20+ yrs of experience-IPR in Design Innovation

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