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Life at NID

Life at NID Life at NID is exploration personified. A journey of academics, people and cultures. Students derive inspiration from their natural domains and fuse their inherent cultures with what the state of Andhra Pradesh offers. We at NID, intend to introduce to people, the variance and grandeur of India. Given a new slate, we have much more to endure.

Students celebrating during Galipatam 2023 event
Students celebrating during Galipatam 2023 event


At NID AP, we try to merge academics and culture in our activities. Our students come from all across India, naturally inducing secularism. As a result, their combined activities are an influence of multiple cultures, and often inspire others to showcase their hidden talents. A few of our student endeavors, where all that matters is they are designers looking to expand principles of design into extracurricular activities, are :

Stories Per Second (S/S) — Film Club

The Film and Video club projects a video or movie once every week in the SLA room. The screenings consist of general feature films, classics, and avant-garde films. Language is no barrier, as it is rightly said "media is the message".

Theatre Club

A platform where storytelling reaches its ultimate, where students aspiring to act, dance, chant, and make music collaborate with each other and anyone with a mind's eye. We intend to recite stories and communicate beyond the permissible. As an initiative of NID AP for cultural advancement, students attend cultural and educational fests organized by other NID’s across the country.  

Chai and Camera (Photography Club)

Photography enthusiasts induce a theme, and post a session gathering, form a forum to discuss personal works and techniques in the form of photographs, over a cup of chai.



This annual student’s festival celebrates mutual interests which start with kite flying and ends with community dinner and cultural events.

Radio Wada Podcast:

An oral narrative initiative by Communication Design Students is the latest addition to these extracurricular activities.

ICC (Internal Complaint Committee) and Anti Ragging Cell:

In place to ensure a responsible social living and learning environment for students on the campus. 

Dejiner Log:

Dejiner Log is a bi-monthly publication initiated by students of NID AP, released with the purpose of fostering discourse on non-academic pursuits. The periodical showcases students' personal projects, interests, work philosophies, tangible experiences, retrospectives, and exceptional coursework. Our objective is to cultivate a confident community anchored in principles and bold in practice. Launched on January 26th, 2023, Dejiner Log aspires to become an integral aspect of every student's academic journey at NID AP.

The articles featured in Dejiner Log highlight substantial and well-considered work undertaken by NID AP students. The publication serves as an encouragement for students to venture beyond the confines of the curriculum, broadening their skills and understanding of design possibilities. Authored by students from various departments, the articles are fueled by imagination, empathy, and curiosity. Dejiner Log encourages students to express themselves and share their work with a wider audience.

Editions of Dejiner Log can be viewed on the NID AP website and within the NID AP campus.

Current Core Team:

Nandini Seshan - Project Lead, Sanika Kulkarni, Shreya Agarwal, Anantha Sriya A, Parth Kathare, Radhika Ramesh, Aditti Padmanabhan

Founding Team:

Nimal Mathew, Tejas Nerlekar, Simran Kaur, Vaidehi Shirsath, Shantashree Nerekar, Yadu Krishnan KS, Shabeer T

For inquiries or feedback, please reach out to us via email at