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What are the criteria for selection?

The admission council decides your eligibility based on an overall judgment of your academic performance in the past, performance in the interview, portfolio, and DAT scores.

How do I prepare myself for DAT?

The test is about three hours long. It contains both MCQ type and subjective questions, including drawing. All required stationery and drawing material will have to be sourced by the applicants themselves.

How do I show my portfolio?

Compile some of your best works into a medium of your choice. It can be photographic, paper-based, or on any digital medium (videos, photos, slides, etc). Beyond skill, we look for aptitude towards design. Adopting the recent circumstances, interviews were taken online for 2021. 

How do I know which discipline to opt for?

The first year comprises a multidisciplinary foundation, where students are introduced to all disciplines. Within this year, students generally develop a perception about their area of interest. If unsure, our teaching staff are great mentors apart from being educators. Guidance is always offered to those who seek it.

What are the living/extra costs that I am likely to incur?

Your residential charges will be covered in the fee structure if you choose to stay in our hostels. Course-related stationery and material will be provided by the Institute, but any other personal art materials will have to be purchased by the student. Amaravati is overall quite an affordable place to live in.