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Industrial Design

Magazine stand created by student as course outcome

Magazine stand created by student as course outcome

Industrial Design is a discipline that combines technology, manufacturing, and design. Design here refers to the cycle of a product from its inception to the end. As Industrial designers, students follow a user-centric approach, backed by strong research. Each progressing semester is designed to be more complex, so there is a gradual and visible growth. Within Industrial Design, some courses allow students the advantage of choosing their specialization, like electronics, kitchenware, healthcare, furniture, jewelry, etc. As the end goal, students are enabled to make their design careers in their area of interest.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding research methodologies, appropriation of methods, the psychological value of aesthetics, sketching and rendering, working of the human mind, and constraints of the human body. On the technical end, they learn 3d modeling, engineering basics, mechanism and material innovation, usability testing, and creating working prototypes. On the broader front, they learn about lifecycle design, and systems thinking. Hands-on work, communication, thesis-level documentation, and portfolio building.

Scope in the industry

The discipline equips students with design thinking, research, and ideation skills which broaden their prospects for various design entrepreneurship,industry, crafts sector, and various design sectors.