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About B. Des Program

The Bachelor of Design (B.Des) commences with a two-semester rigorous Foundation Program followed by 6 semesters of specialized studies in any of the disciplines offered.

The one-year Foundation Program encourages students to unlearn and relearn. It introduces them to design fundamentals- thought processes, principles, and methodologies. Laterally, it also inlays the relationship of design with the human senses, emotions, culture, environment, ecology, and society.

Second-year onwards, students need to opt for a discipline of their choice. All disciplines are backed by introductory studies in Humanities and Liberal arts, allowing them to evolve their worldview, interpret the Indian civilization and connect dots as to how design makes an impact. Fourth semester onwards, students are encouraged to engage in Industry Project. This is reinforced by a 2-month internship in their third year and a 6-month graduation project.